Download j2 Messenger for PC

j2 Global's free, stand-alone software that makes managing your messages easy!

j2 Messenger for PC enables you to:
  • View your faxes and listen to voicemail all from the same program.
  • Easily add your signature to outbound documents.
  • Convert faxes to .pdf format.
  • Combine, re-order or delete pages in the thumbnail view.
  • Add custom “stamp” images to each document.
  • Highlight segments of a document.
With j2 Messenger, jConnect users can:
  • Compose, read, sign and send high-quality faxes in over 45 formats.
  • Listen to voicemail messages.
  • Customize faxes by combining files, changing orientations, annotating and adding numerous administrative stamps.
  • Scan files into digital format for faxing.
  • Organize and archive faxes, voicemail and other communications.

download j2 messenger for Pc

(For PCs running Windows OS (Windows 2000 and XP)

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