Download j2 Messenger for Mac

More features, faster performance, even easier faxing.

j2 Messenger™ supports Mac OSX version 10.1 or newer! Send faxes from your desktop, or fax directly from the Apple Print Dialog window in most applications. Integrate your Address Book to access recently used fax numbers quickly. View and print received faxes as well.

j2 Messenger for Mac enables you to:

  • Direct Send: Send faxes from your desktop. Choose from a wide selection of pre-built cover sheets. Personalize messages easily.
  • Apple Print Dialog Integration: Fax directly from the Apple Print dialog window in most applications. Convert files to PDF. Compose faxes quickly.
  • Address Book Integration: Integrate your address book. Instantly access 50 recent fax numbers for enhanced performance.
  • View & Print: Easily view and receive your faxes. It’s simple with j2 Messenger for Mac.

download j2 messenger for mac

(For Macs running OSX version 10.1 or newer)

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